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April 15, 2013
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Arclight Varus by Concept-Art-House Arclight Varus by Concept-Art-House
Spotlight of the Week: Arclight Varus

“Arclight Varus is how Varus looked after he used the power of the corruption, but "before the darkness consumed him.” (LOL Wiki).

Varus was a strong and honorary warrior with a burden of vengeance. He turned to the dark force of corruption that he was chosen to guard and contain for power to eradicate every single invaders of his village. Varus used his bow and arrows to attack.

Given the background of Varus, we tried to reflect his story on our art work. We imagined that Varus was a similar to an ancient Greek god. Before being consumed by darkness, Varus was a noble warrior who was on a solo mission to bring revenge upon those invaded his village. This was why Arclight Varus was in white robe like clothing with gold armor. The feather like pattern on his lower body suit and his shoulder was an attempt to reflect his “Living Vengeance” skill that he gained speed as he attack his enemies. He was so fast he turned into an eagle. The color palette of Arclight Varus is close to an eagle too. The city ruin in the splash art background exhibited Varus’s tragic village invasion story.
Wolfman-TI Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2013
I like this better than the game's version. The bare feet look cooler.
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